Port City Cricket League (PCL)- Fixture- 2009

Preparations are going on in full swing to host the country's first-ever high budgeted Twenty20 Cricket League -- The Habib Group Port City League (PCL) T20 -- beginning here on May 2 in the smash-and-grab style of India's IPL Twenty20 Cricket.

Eight teams, split into two groups, will compete in the country's ever-highest 2.40 crore taka Twenty20 Cricket League at the first test venue in the port city - MA Aziz Stadium.

Participating Teams:

Chittagong Mohammedan Sporting Club
Chittagong Brothers Union
Chittagong Abahani Ltd
Ispahani Ltd
Dada Warriors
Top Sports
Dhaka Sports Tigers
& Pirates of Chittagong!!!


May 2 Mohammedan V Top Sports 2:30pm

May 3 Dada Warriors V Dhaka Tigers 10:00am

Abahani Ltd V Brothers Union 2.00pm

May 4 Pirates of Ctg V Ispahani 10:00am

Mohammedan V Brothers Union 2:00pm

May 5 Abahani Ltd V Top Sports 10:00am

Dada Warriors V Ispahani 2:30pm

May 6 Brothers Union V Top Sports 10:00am

Pirates of Ctg Dhaka Warriors 2:00pm

May 7 Ispahani V Dhaka Tigers 10:00am

Mohammedan V Abahani Ltd 2:30pm

May 8 Dada Warriors V Pirates of Ctg 2:oopm

May 9 Semifinal(s)

May 10 Final


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