BPL T20 franchise auction result: BPL t20 Teams have been sold out

The auction for the BPL t20 franchises which will join the BPL t20 tournament this year took placed today with over 9 buyers were bid for team. The franchise auction was took place at westin hotel dhaka. BPL Teams have been sold out and all the formalities for BPL t20 franchies auctioned finished.

The base rate for each franchise was $1 million, 1/20th the rate for the first auction of IPL. Here is the result for BPL t20 auction today. However this price for BPL for 1 year. The owner for the BPL t20 have been decided today. All team sold out for BPL t20 higher then its base price.

Teams - Franchise
Dhaka - Europa Group, Winning price: 1.05 million US Dollar
Chittagong - SQ Sports , Winning price: 1.2 million US Dollar, Team name: Chittagong Tiger
Khulna - Orion Group, Winning price: 1.1 million US Dollar
Rajshahi - Digital Autocare, Winning price: 1.07 million US Dollar,Team Name: Rajshahi warriors
Barisal - Alif Group, Winning price: 1.01 million US Dollar
Sylhet - Walton, Winning price: million 1.06 US Dollar

Europa, Orion group, SQ sports, Alif Group , Digital auto care and Walton has purchased Dhaka, Khulna , Chittagong, Barisal, Rajshahi and Sylhet respectively at the rate of $1.05 million, $1.10 million, $1.20 million, @$1.07 million and $1.06 million. Whereas, the Southern International, Euro impex and Pearl BD failed to win auction of BPL T20 team.

Now BPL t20 is well under way and it has become popular. After agreeing to pay at lest US $ 1 million (10 core taka) for a 1 year contract by , it was hard to figure out how he would make profit. It will be interesting to watch the business model of an BPL t20 franchise.
FranchiseThis beileved , this will be a good investment. They expect to build this into a viable franchise.


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